A 30 minute videoconference session, using FaceTime, LINE or Zoom, for $45. During the session I perform an assessment, counsel you on Base4Health©, and coach you through appropriate self-therapy and/or arrive at a prescription for herbs. Base4Health© is nutrition, exercise, sleep and meditation. The self-therapies include self-acupressure, self-moxibustion and Meridian stretches. After the session, I send a summary email and, if prescribed, invoice for and ensure delivery of herbs.

Here's the process to initiate the session:

• Go to my online store and pay for a 30 minute TeleHealth session.

• Text me at (602) 770-4331 to schedule an appointment. We will decide on a time, and whether we'll use FaceTime, LINE or Zoom.

• To start the appointment I will either call you with FaceTime or LINE, or you will join my meeting in Zoom.

During the session:

• I will perform an assessment through observation, listening and questioning.

• I will counsel you on Base4Health©.

• I will coach you through self-acupressure, self-moxibustion, Meridian stretching, meditation and/or arrive at a prescription for herbs.

After the session:

• I will email a summary of the session.

• If prescribed, I will invoice for and ensure delivery of herbs. If you are within approximately 10 miles of the office, I will either deliver the herbs to you or you can stop by the office at an arranged time to pick them up. If you are further than that from the office, you can either stop by the office at an arranged time to pick them up, or I can have the herbs drop-shipped to your location. If I don't have the herbs in stock or the herbs are being drop-shipped, it will take a few days for the herbs to arrive. When picking up at the office, we will use appropriate "physical distancing" in this time of COVID-19.

While in-person appointments are wonderful, sometimes they're not possible. In case of the latter, TeleHealth sessions can be very satisfying and effective. Give it a try!

PATIENT ADVISORY TO CONSULT A PHYSICIAN: East Asian Medicine, when practiced by a qualified individual, has a great deal to offer as a comprehensive healthcare system in its own right. However, it should not be considered an exclusive alternative to orthodox medical treatment and rather should be used as a complement to standard healthcare practices. As such, my treatments should not be viewed in any way as replacements for advice or treatment offered by a biomedical doctor. You are therefore advised that you should consult a physician regarding any condition or conditions for which you are seeking my advice and treatment. By paying for a session, you as the patient affirm that you have been advised as such by Brian Skow, M.S., AOBTA®-CP, Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM).