On this page you'll find links to other sources of information, related to my practice, to help you on your healing journey.

Client Intake Form

In preparation for your first therapy, please complete the Client Intake form. In the course of that session, we will review the form and perform bodywork.

Mail Chimp

I produce an electronic newsletter once or twice per month, and it covers whatever subjects I deem important at the time. You can find my most recent past issues here. In addition, if you're not already subscribed, here's where you can do so!


I do have a YouTube channel. There aren't many videos on the channel at the moment, but I plan to remedy that soon! Please subscribe.


My practice's Facebook page has the most current information and events. Please like and follow!


Below you will find PDF handouts for my most popular workshops. Note that in person training is essential. Each document is meant to be a "quick reference" or "cheat sheat," a basic reminder or memory jog of detailed training you have already received and embodied. Any other use, sorry, you're on your own! Of course, I'm always ready to answer questions.

Meridian Exercises

Five Tibetans



Become Sharp Like An Axe