Stagnation causes pain, and eventually leads to dysfunction and disease. While bodywork, moxibustion and Kampo all help to get things flowing again, movement is the "go to" at home. Daily exercise, done mindfully, is a great force in keeping you healthy.

Meridian Exercises

Meridian Exercises, arising from Zen Shiatsu and also known as Meridian Stretches, Makko Ho or Zen Imagery Exercises, are yoga-like exercises that open the body and encourage the flow of Ki. There are 52 exercises in total, but I’ve found it sufficient for most clients to learn a basic set of ten, with profound results coming from daily practice.


Sotai is a system of exercise developed by Keizo Hashimoto, a Western-trained Japanese medical doctor well-versed in traditional Japanese medicine. Sotai exercises move you away from pain and into alignment. The movements are very effective in addressing joint injuries and the pain and disfunction arising from improper bodily alignments.

Five Tibetans

The Five Tibetans, also known as the Five Tibetan Rites, is a set of five active yoga exercises that stretch and strengthen your muscles, provide cardiovascular conditioning, and open the Chakras. This set is for those with little strength training experience or for those looking for a quick exercise routine to fit into their day.


Two moves of Kigong (Qigong), Lifting the Sky and Carrying the Moon, both from the Shaolin Eighteen Lohan Hands set, help you become sensitive to your Ki, grow it, and make it flow. Very healing.


JudoFit© exercises are calisthenics used by Judoka to get into shape for their sport. There are a multitude of these. If your current workout feels stale, I can help you put together a new fitness routine.

One-on-One Training in Movement

60 minutes of personal instruction, $90. The Meridian Stretches, Self-Sotai, Five Tibetans and Kigong sets each take one hour to learn and approximately 10 minutes to perform after learning. JudoFit© exercises vary according to your needs.


In addition to providing continuing education to professionals, I run workshops for the public. Please see my Facebook events listing for the currently scheduled workshops, plus "Like" my Facebook page and sign up for my newsletter for announcements of the workshops!

In addition to movement, stillness.

One-on-One Training in Meditation

60 minutes of personal instruction, $90. Learn to meditate, focusing on your breath, while standing, sitting, walking and lying down. Emphasis is placed on proper posture and energetics, avoiding physical pain. Much discourse on spiritual, mental and emotional processes, and the wonders of observation.

Please note that there is a cancelation fee of 1/2 the charge for the scheduled instruction when less than 24 hours notice is given.