Therapies are a combination of Shiatsu, moxibustion, teishin, and guided Sotai (see the Movement page), applied as needed. This is a clothed therapy, performed on a futon mat on the floor. Please wear yoga-type clothes for ease of positioning and stretching. Make space in your schedule to relax and enjoy the flow of Ki after the therapy.


Pressure is applied along the Meridians of the body to balance Ki (Vital Energy) and encourage its flow. Stretches are also performed. At the end of a therapy clients typically report feeling free of pain, “open," relaxed, energized, and “at peace.”


Moxibustion therapy is the burning of the herb mugwort over acupoints. Doing so injects Heat and Ki into the acupoints, surrounding areas and associated meridians, encouraging shifts in Ki, enhancing blood flow, increasing white and red blood cell production, and stimulating healing. There are two types of moxibustion therapy, indirect and direct. Indirect involves burning the herb above the skin, while direct involves burning the herb on the skin. Indirect is not as powerful as direct, but conventional direct can result in blistering and scarring. I practice direct, but in an unconventional way that does not result in such trauma. I learned this special method from Junji Mizutani, and it’s a most beautiful art.


A teishin is a metal tool designed for stimulating acupoints. Think of it as non-insertive acupuncture. I use a teishin for acupoint therapy when the focus of a shorter session has been on Kampo diagnosis and there is time left for bodywork.


Having options is wonderful, and I give you options to fit your schedule, budget and goals. The standard therapy is 60 minutes, and is the best way to start. 30 minutes is appropriate for some follow up therapies, when time and cost are issues and a higher frequency is desired, for children, who respond wonderfully to Shiatsu, for therapies focusing on moxibustion or Kampo diagnosis, and for health consultations. Finally, if you really want to go “deep," 90 minutes is for you.

30 minutes, $45

60 minutes, $90

90 minutes, $135

Package of 3 60-minute therapies, $240, for those visiting weekly, or, at minimum, every other week, to make frequent treatment more affordable.

Your location, 60 minutes, $180

In preparation for your first therapy, please complete the Client Intake form. In the course of that session, we will review the form and perform bodywork.

Please note that there is a cancelation fee of 1/2 the charge for the scheduled therapy when less than 24 hours notice is given.